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Let our team make your picture day easy by delivering your Images On Site. 
Parents and coaches walk away with their pictures before the end of their game! 

Indoor Picture day

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About Us

Tom Robinson (founder) has been photographing recreation sport leagues, corporate, and not-for-profit organizations‚Äč in Southwestern Connecticut since 1986.  

Tom has always had a passion for photography and technology. Over the years he has found a way to blend these two passions together and create a mobile photography studio. In the mid 1990's he had been one of the first to adopt Kodak's Digital photography systems, and today still utilizes some of the newest hardware to provide services to his customers. 

Many know him as the photographer with the big-red-trailer, but more know him for his care given towards each and every customer. Him and his team has found a way to connect with each subject and produce a memory that customers cherish for years to come. 

When time is of the essence, his team makes your picture day quick and easy. 

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